Advanced data products for solar and spaceweather research.

For researchers: One of the main strengths of the Solar System Physics group at Aberystwyth University is the development of new data analysis tools for solar observations. This data archive is a repository of images and information gained from the analysis tools, intended to aid researchers in investigating solar coronal phenomena and characteristics. It also provides access to image processing software, allowing researchers the option to apply to their own data. The About link gives details of the data products available in the archive, whilst the Data Archive link gives direct access to the archive. If you use these products or software, please cite the relevant publication and this website. We are also heavily involved in scientific eclipse observations, which feeds into many of the scientific studies highlighted here. All of our processed data is based on the observations of several excellent space-based instruments. Links to these instruments/missions are available here.

For the public: As solar scientists, we are lucky to have access to a wealth of detailed observations of the solar atmosphere - the corona. Images can be processed to reveal more detail, or to enhance certain characteristics, such as the signal from moving features, for example. Measurements of the light emitted by the corona can also lead to estimates of useful physical quantities such as temperature or mass. This archive contains several hundred thousand images processed in different ways which you can browse and enjoy. We particularly recommend the spectacular highest- resolution processed Extreme UltraViolet images of AIA/SDO, available here. Why not check out what the solar corona looked like on your birthday? If you use our images for purposes other than personal, please contact us and the relevant instrument teams for permission.